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2014: Year In Review

OK, what happened this year?

I had no less than three jobs in 2014, a record. I was at Amazon until June 22, then I was lucky enough to get a job installing modular fences for Modu-Loc on August 15, after answering a Craigslist ad. Thought I'd landed on my feet, but that job went away on October 17 after the busy summer season ended. Getting a knee injury probably didn't help. On December 8 I was placed by Aerotek with a company called Avigilon.

2014 is the year Jack died. Mom had him put to sleep a few weeks ago.

I switched from Shaw to Telus, and got an iPhone 6 to replace my old HTC Desire which I got on Boxing Day 2010. Thus fulfilling a promise to myself that I'd only get a new phone when they made one that had more memory than my Zune. The iPhone 6 meets that criteria with 128 GB. So really, my Zune is also sort of retired after serving since June 6, 2008.

Got a new wallet, replacing the hemp one I bought in Kamloops in August 2003, and also replaced my old motorcycle gloves which I've had even longer. Actually, I didn't replace them; they were a birthday present from Lisa.

An interesting year in another respect; it seems that 2014 is the year feminism jumped the shark. First the #shirtstorm hashtag, then the UVA gang-rape hoax. I wouldn't say that feminists are going away any time soon, but for the first time it seems like the media is actually noticing that these people are not the progressive fighters of oppression they present themselves as; they are modern communist-hunters, motivated by hate and venom and their own mediocrity. Hopefully the lesson sticks.

Couple other gadget upgrades. Got my first laptop and my first wireless router, both free gifts for signing up with Telus, and also got an XBox 3 for Christmas.

And I bought a new coat. It's an American Navy coat, the style usually referred to as a peacoat, and I got it in a store called Mintage on Commercial Drive for 80 dollars. It's much more stylish and attractive than the gray raincoat I've had since 2001. Also, 2014 is the year I started habitually wearing a shaved hairstyle (I think I shaved it for the first time in 2013 though...I know it was around the time Breaking Bad ended). Although I still have lots of hair, unlike a lot of the men in my family, I always said that if I started to go bald I'd much rather just shave it than try to hide it. Well, I'm getting thin enough on top that longer styles just don't look good anymore, so I went for it.

I've been wearing a goatee too for about a year now. I think I might look more attractive now than I have at any other time in my life.

I won second place in two photo contests in 2014: the Fraser River Discovery Center gave me second place for my photo Industrial New Westminster, and City Hall gave me second place in their 'Our Town' contest for my photo Traffic.

Some of my favorite photo shoots of the last year: the Wait For Me Daddy statue in New Westminster, and several nice panoramas of the Port Mann Bridge as the disassembly continues.

In July I made it farther up the Spuzzum Creek Road than ever before, only to find that the road that leads closer to Lake Vanden-Eykel simply didn't exist anymore. Google Maps is over a decade out of date.

I'm uncertain about my motorcycle's future. It hasn't been running for over a month, and I suspect it has deeper issues with the engine than I'm willing to repair. Not starting with the starter may simply be a problem with the battery or a solenoid, but I'm noticing a rattle in the motor that may be related to the pistons. The bike may simply be nearing the end of its life. It had about 36,000 km on it when I bought it in 2002-3, and now it's over 105,000. It's had a good run.

2014 is the year I turned the corner on the Daily Show. I can hardly bear to watch it anymore. Jon's gone from mocking the media to trying to be part of it, and he's just got his head up his ass on too many things. It's not as centrist as it used to be, it's too pandering, too lazy, and it seems lately that it's all-racism-all-the-time. Jon, you want to stay fresh, run away from your audience as fast as you can. Colbert is a little better, but of course this was also the year the Colbert Report ended. Good luck being able to do anything smart or funny on network TV, Stephen. Guess Suey Park wins after all.

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