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Finally Making A Mark At Avigilon

Daniel recently went on a three-week honeymoon, and while he was gone, I was put on Line 6 to package the larger pendant-style cameras. In three weeks, I worked out a system that worked well, and by the end I had it pretty much down to a science. There was even one day when I did over 90 cameras in one day, after a missing part forced us to stop production for two days and just let the cameras pile up.

When Daniel got back, I went back to doing other stuff; usually Line 4 and the bullet cameras. But a week ago, things were slow, I was helping out with some production, working on some part or another (tap a nut into place, put in a screw, pass it on). I'd done 300 of them that morning, finishing off a work order, and was just settling into starting on a new work order of 500, when Jen pulled me off it. The cameras on Line 6 were backing up, and she was steamed as fuck at Daniel and Andrew, who were working on them. Reamed them out in front of me for not getting anything done, and put me on it instead.

Apparently she'd noticed that my way was a lot better than Daniel's way.

In the last two hours of the day, working alone, I got caught up, packaging 23 cameras. In the previous six hours, working together, Daniel and Andrew did nineteen.

Doesn't surprise me by the way. Daniel is just plain lazy, and while Andrew works fast, he's also completely unorganized, sacrificing efficiency for speed. The two of them together are just a disaster. Meanwhile, I feel gratified, knowing that my work is appreciated.


I was kind of hoping that this meant I'd be officially put on Line 6 permanently, while Daniel can go do whatever -- who really cares. It hasn't really worked out that way in the week since though. Jen's gone on vacation for three weeks herself. She said she'd leave a note for Franky, who is subbing for her (and she did in fact leave it, as Franky showed it to me), but Franky has decided to have me doing calibration for the first time instead. Apparently they're caught short by some people not coming in. Calibration is easy, you get to sit down all day. It's also pretty boring, and I hate sitting across from Shelley, who yaps constantly in pidgin-English to anyone in the vicinity and has the most annoying laugh in the world.

We'll see what happens when Jen gets back. I miss Line 6. The best job for me is one where they give me a task to do and keep everybody else the fuck out of my way.

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