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Shitty day at Avigilon, shitty week too.

Shelly is ruining my life. While Jennifer is on vacation for three weeks, she told Franky I should be used on Line 6, but instead Franky has had me doing calibration for the first time. That's fine, I'm happy to learn new skills there. In fact, calibration is kind of nice in most respects -- repetitive, but I can sit down while doing it.

So it's been fine for two weeks. But this last week has been brutal. I work across from Shelley, who yammers on and on in pidgin English to anyone who wanders by, has the most annoying laugh I've ever heard (hoohoohoohoohoo), and this entire week has been sick with something. So she's constantly clearing her throat, almost exactly the way Nancy always did when we were kids. I'm losing my mind. The only thing keeping me sane is ignoring the rule against cellphones and listening to music on mine all day. I'm tempted to further ignore the rule against earbuds. Fuck, if it weren't for that rule, I'd be completely content.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Andrew are making a complete shitstorm out of Line 6 (though admittedly it's not always their fault, as they often are running out of some part or insert or other).

So, November 20, Friday. Last day of the week. I grit my teeth through most of the day with Shelley, who is indeed still grunting and coughing her way through hers. I'm working on boxbody cameras for the first time, and it's slow going because there's only one stand available so I can only calibrate one at a time rather than two. And Franky tells me he needs me to take over Line 6. Daniel's gone for the day for some reason.

Of course, it's a disaster. Something like twenty in-ceiling PTZs backed up, plus six multihead pendants, and just an hour thirty left in the day. Well, I keep bragging to myself that I can do this better than him and Andrew together, right? It's go time.

I had to refresh my memory first -- it's been three weeks since I've done this. I also had to fold twenty boxes, which is about twenty minutes. Had to put the screws into the little black covers that get included in each box, because of course Daniel has never found the time to prepare them in advance. I got empty boxes lined up in a row on the counter, and started packing. First batch about seven. That opened up more counter space for a larger second batch. I skipped the fifteen minute break at 2. But I got all twenty packaged well before 3. Then whatsisname who does the testing gave me six more.

Now I'm pissed off. I hate that at the end of the day I have to suddenly bust ass to cover for someone else. So I decide I'm at least going to grab some overtime, and I'm not leaving until every single camera is done...even the six pendants. So, by four o'clock, I've packed over 30 cameras, which is more than Daniel and Andrew do in a typical day. I swear, I want to just ask Franky, or Jeeva, or Jennifer, or whoever, why they don't just put me there, and keep everybody else the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY. Can't they understand that I just don't like working with others, and can do much better work FOR THEM on my own?

Well, I quit at 4, but hung out in the break room until 4:15 before clocking out to be sure that I get paid for that 15 minute break I skipped.

And just to put the cherry on the day, the 410 bus was driven by that chatty moron who did the quiz game that one time.

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