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Photography and turkey soup

I feel like my spare time projects are piling up and I can't muster much energy to get them done. I'm losing steam on the comics project (slogging away at 1993 currently), there's a bunch of things I keep meaning to write on this journal, to say nothing of the new WordPress blog I keep meaning to use but never do. I have to make soup from the leftover turkey carcass, I never did finish processing the photos from taking Mom to Othello Tunnels, or the sunset from the roof, and now on top of everything I've got a great new set to work on.

I watched a lot of Colbert's Late Show this weekend. It's growing on me, although there are things I don't like about it (mostly the cold open, and the bandleader Batiste). But Saturday I finally got around to something that's been put off for a while...the glucose tolerance test that Toews sent me for.

So I had an appointment for 10:45, and good thing, because the place was packed. The test would take two hours, during which time I had to remain in the clinic. They took me in, took a vial of blood and gave me a glucose drink. I had been trying to avoid Coke for the last few days, except for stealing some Pepsi from the fridge at Avigilon while waiting for 4:15 to arrive (see last entry). Been drinking Fresca instead.

So for two hours I sat with my laptop. I had prepared before I left by loading it with some stuff to do. First I processed the new Adele album, and then I watched the latest Real Time with Bill Maher. What was most memorable about it was seeing Chrystia Freeland, Justin Trudeau's new Minister of International Trade make a complete ass of herself. Trudeau has made such a big thing about his gender-balanced cabinet "because it's 2015", which of course leads to the suspicion that he passed over the best candidates for the sake of symbolism. Wow does Freeland ever confirm that suspicion. She really doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that she can handle a grown-up's job. It's hard not to believe that there weren't ten men more qualified than her for the job. I predict a very strange era in Canadian history. Or maybe I'm wrong, and all these far-left wackaloons actually understand the brave new world better than I do. Paradise or perdition ahead? We'll see.

Couldn't access the lab's WiFi on my laptop for some reason.

Finally the two hours were up and they took the second vial, and I decided to walk to Mom's and pick up her big soup pot to make turkey soup in. Then, while I was there anyway, I asked if I could borrow her car and I went to Richmond to photograph the fields around the cement plant. So I did that, and also a lot of shots of the sun setting behind the Sikh temple that I've wanted to try for at least a year now (I kept seeing it on the bus ride home from Avigilon, and wishing I could stop to shoot it). Not having a motorcycle has been such a crimp in my life.

The shoot went fairly well I think. Now who knows when I'll get around to processing all these photos, but I'll post them here eventually.

Sunday I'm making turkey soup and catching up on LiveJournal. It's cooking as I type this.

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