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Triple Thanksgiving

God what a weekend. I love my family, but this whole three day weekend has just been constantly rushing around instead of relaxing from work.

First it was Saturday, going out to Lisa's on the bus (bike's still not working and I refuse to ask Kelly for a lift anymore). We took Dad for dinner at the Japanese restaurant, and then we all saw Everest. Good movie; I later downloaded Into Thin Air, the book it was based on.

Sunday was dinner at Carol's. Again on the bus to Lisa's, and then Dad picked us up. Dinner was OK. Ham, which I don't really like, but awesome scalloped potatoes. Hard to believe I didn't like scalloped potatoes as a kid. We played a strange game with cards and tiles, not unlike gin.
Then home on the bus, really late, due to just missing one bus, and then another. Not time for bed yet though...still had to make mashed potatoes for Monday.

I asked Kelly if she was coming to Mom's Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, and she said she hadn't been invited, and couldn't drive anyway. So I asked Mom if she wanted Kelly there, and if I could pick her up in Mom's car. I swear, I'm getting tired of this cold-war thing between them. They're both whining about how the other one is mad at them, and neither of them even knows why, I don't think. Anyway, thanks to me, Kelly was at dinner. She seemed grateful that I wanted her there.

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