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Medical stuff.

October and November have been notable for medical reasons.

Thurs Oct 2 I badly sprained my ankle on my way to work. I was walking through the parking lot of the shop behind Avigilon, stepped on a chunk of wood, and went straight down hard. Wasn't sure I could even stand at first, felt a burst of nausea from the pain, just had to sit there for a minute or two. But when I got up and tried walking on it, it gradually seemed to fade so I hoped it wouldn't be too bad.

And it wasn't, at first. The morning went by and it didn't give much trouble. But during lunch, after taking weight off it for half an hour, it started to throb and then it kept throbbing after lunch was over. It got so bad I had to leave at one.

I worried about working Friday, but a good night's sleep helped a lot. I made it to the weekend.


Then there were a lot of doctor-related things. I made an appointment with Dr. Toews for several things -- varicose veins I should probably get taken care of, a numb patch on my foot, and now my ankle. Jay has had a lot of health problems recently uncovered, leading to his major change in lifestyle and diet, and it had me worried. Toews checked my blood pressure, said it was perfect, and sent me to get blood tests, and referred me to a doctor for the veins.

An appointment was later made with the vein guy, but I missed it.

Blood tests were done at the clinic in New West just across the street from me. Toews later called me in to discuss it. Seems that everything is fine except my glucose levels seem a little high. So I have to get a second test called a glucose tolerance. Take blood, drink sugar solution, wait two hours, take blood again. It requires an appointment. While I was there, I also had him burn off a mole next to my ear that I keep nicking while shaving, and a big skin-tag right under my left ass-cheek. I also mentioned that I'd been having heart palpitations this past week. Like, really long attacks of them...over an hour. Maybe it was magnesium shortage, maybe it was stress from work, but he also added an EKG to the lab instructions.

So I went to get the EKG, which was no problem; but while there, I tried to make the appointment for the glucose test. They said they couldn't make an appointment in person; I'd have to go online and do it that way. Seemed like an unnecessary complication, but whatever. So I made an appointment for the following Saturday at 12:30. When I got there, they told me that since the test took two hours, and they closed at two on Saturday, they wouldn't be able to do the test. Which is the sort of thing they would have been able to tell me if they'd taken the appointment in person.

Oh well, at least it gave me a story to tell during birthday week.

Finally got the test done Saturday, November 21.

Now let's see if I have diabetes or not.

Next up: dental appointment on the 28th. I've been waiting almost a year for it. Hope there's not much that needs doing, since dental coverage at Aerotek isn't great.


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